What’s New from Avvo

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Opening Keynote: What’s on the Horizon

Avvo Founder and CEO Mark Britton will give the opening keynote at Lawyernomics 2015, setting the tone for an exciting, innovative and inspiring three-day event. Mark will also discuss how Avvo’s business has expanded in the past year.

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Avvo Product Keynote: New Tools to Win New Business

Dedicated to helping great lawyers get more business, this session will provide an update on the latest free and paid marketing tools and services Avvo offers lawyers seeking to manage and grow their practice. The company has come a long way and there is much to share – learn more about the Avvo Profile, as well as Avvo Advertising, Avvo Ignite, Avvo Websites and the new Avvo Advisor. We’ll also address the most common questions and ethical concerns attorneys have about using Avvo.

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10 Secrets for Getting the Most Out of Avvo

Avvo Vice President of Marketing, Leigh McMillan, will highlight ten quick “tips and tricks” that will help attorneys maximize their engagement with Avvo. We promise even long-time users will learn something new!

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Avvo Attorneys Lightning Round

In this fast-paced session comprised of short presentations, practicing attorneys will share how Avvo is helping their firms generate and close more business. Avvo Director of Industry Relations, Dan Lear, will facilitate the lightning round.

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How to Grow Your Practice

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Keynote Session: A Morning with Mitch Joel

There are five new movements that have changed business forever and yet, the vast majority of brands are doing nothing about it. The next five years of business will be about the convergence of these five major movements that will require companies to adapt like never before. Adapt or die? Some will struggle with this shift while others will simply roll along as the adoption incurs. The trick is in capitalizing on this moment in time, understanding these movements and being ready for your future (a future that will move at a much quicker pace). We have the technology. We have the data. We have the new media channels and platforms. We have the opportunity to publish whatever we want — in text, images, audio and video — instantly (and for free) to the world. What we do with this moment will be telling. It will also set the pace for everything that flows out of our brands for the next decade. The opportunity is now. Take charge of your future. This is your reboot.

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The Basics of Local Search Marketing and Beyond

This session will guide you through the world of local listings, reviews, links, technical content, and analytics to keep you up to date on the latest trends in the search industry. From breaking down complex algorithm updates to explaining tested tactics that work there will be information applicable to those who are seasoned search veterans, or those who are just now learning about the wild world of SEO.

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The Creative Side of Online Marketing and SEO

A lot has changed in a year. With new content expectations from the search engines and a greater need for links, discovering a successful recipe for your online marketing efforts has become increasingly more difficult. We are going to simplify the complex. You will walk away with a solid plan for using social media, the ability to create content that works, off-site ideas to drive leads to your website, design improvements that lead to conversions, and creative linking strategies.

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Networking Lunch

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Influence, Acquire, Measure, Advance: A Straightforward Approach to Growing Your Practice

In a world filled with popular three letter acronyms such as SEO, PPC, SEM, CPL, CPC, and KPI, it is easy to forget that the number one purpose of marketing is to simply drive new clients. In this session, we will breakdown the popular three letter acronyms (TLAs) and what they ultimately mean to your firm. Eli Romberg, Strategic Partner Manager at Google, will join the session to discuss how firms leverage Google AdWords as an effective advertising channel that yields a trackable and transparent return on investment. We will provide you with real examples of how firms (such as yours) can leverage the Internet to acquire new cases and then measure and advance their marketing efforts to grow their practice.

Breakout Sessions

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The Virtual Practice: Understanding Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the hottest technologies — yet much confusion remains about what cloud computing really is and how lawyers can use SAAS-based solutions to manage their firm. In this session Jack Newton, President and CEO of Clio, will address the most frequently asked questions and concerns about cloud computing and practice management; specifically around the pros and cons, privacy and security and any ethical implications.

Your Competitive Advantage: Using Video to Showcase Your Practice

Creating video content for your legal practice is a great communication tactic. Video is an effective way to reach a variety of markets and, of course, engage your audience. However, more often than not, videos that are produced for law practices are done so poorly they end up causing more harm than good. This session will discuss video’s power and reach as a marketing tool when done well and implemented correctly. Your video is a reflection of your practice and personal brand, especially in the eyes of potential new clients.

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Reach Your Audience: How to Succeed Through Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about giving consumers the information they need to make decisions about where to spend their time and money. In this session, Susan Sipe, President and CEO of SLS Consulting challenges you to look beyond traditional website rankings as a measure for success. Instead think about content for your audience, and how to write for your target market, as well as the implementation of other marketing tools, social sites, user testing and lead tracking to support these efforts.

Turning Online Visitors Into Clients: Creating a Website That Converts

In this session you will hear Cloud[8]Sixteen’s CEO, Joe Devine discuss website design trends and best practices. Specifically, you will learn how to build, design and optimize your website for conversion. Conversion science? What does this mean? Let’s start building websites that tap into how people make “buying decisions” over what we think looks good. We will go over the four buying habits and how to adjust your website to hit all of the buying habits.

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Thought Leadership and the Role of Information in Business Development

Business development isn’t what it used to be. There’s a new way of thinking. Do you understand the emerging trends, risks or issues your potential clients care about? Do you know how to position yourself as a thought leader on these topics? In this session Peter Ozolin, CEO of Manzama, will provide the key information you need to keep your business development efforts moving forward.

Why Most Law Firms Lose Good Cases at Hello: How To Convert More Cases With IN.T.A.K.E.

During this session you will learn how to build an intake process to consistently develop relationships with callers and convert more cases.  Chris Mullins will tell you intake is the lifeblood of any consumer law practice; no matter how much you spend on marketing and how well you practice law, nothing happens until someone becomes a client.  You will walk away from this session with immediately usable steps to consistently qualify more prospective clients, gain commitment and maximize every opportunity that comes to your law firm.  Whether you’re a sole practitioner or have a dedicated team of intake specialist taking calls, this will be an invaluable and eye-opening experience about how you can get more from your intake.

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Lawyers Behaving Badly (Ethics CLE)

Join Josh King, Avvo’s General Counsel, and Brian Tannebaum, Florida law license defense lawyer and author of “The Practice,” as they look at real-world examples of how lawyers risk their licenses with online marketing and social media screw-ups.  Brian and Josh will also walk through some (surprisingly common-sensical) ways to use the Internet for business development without violating the ethics rules.

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Networking Reception

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The Future of Legal Marketing & Technology

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Helping You Position for the Future, with Mark Britton

There’s never been a more exciting time to be in the legal industry. Consumer demand, coupled with new technology and services to answer that demand, have created a wealth of opportunities for attorneys. In this session, Avvo Founder and CEO Mark Britton will talk about the role Avvo plays in the ever-changing legal landscape and how the company is committed to helping lawyers prepare for future success in the business of law.

10:30 AM11:15 AM

Bringing Meaning to Your Practice, with Sarah Bird

Sarah is an attorney, entrepreneur, inbound marketing guru and business growth expert who helped Moz become an SEO powerhouse. In this session she will discuss marketing and entrepreneurship, and referencing the tenets of Moz’s TAGFEE Code (Transparent, Authentic, Generous, Fun, Empathetic, and Exceptional), offer her thoughts on how attorneys can take a holistic approach within their own practice to define values, set goals and ultimately create a culture of strong customer service and good work to make their brand proud.

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Introduction to Amazon Web Services (and The Cloud), with Dave Schappell

In this session Dave will give an introduction to (and some history behind) Amazon Web Services. He will provide some context for what you should think about when you hear “the Cloud” and what organizations of all sizes are doing with and saying about AWS. Lastly, Dave will talk about various strategies for how customers and partners can get started with AWS.

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Networking Lunch

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Why Lawyers will be Faster, Smarter, Richer and a lot Fewer in the Years Ahead

Most lawyers understand that technology will continue to revolutionize the practice of law. However, understanding how fast that change will occur and how it will happen is the key to avoiding what many lawyers will experience as a disruptive end to their legal career and law practice. For those that stay ahead of the curve, the disruption will leave them as one of the few: faster, smarter, and richer. To help explain how the economic underpinnings of technological transformation radically reduces costs — not just for the “production” of law but for the “consumption” of law, Professor Siciliano will draw on his 15 years of data studying more than 1,000 law firms that deployed several stages of advanced case management and served more than 4,000,000 clients. You’ll learn how the change in the way clients consume legal services points to strategies great lawyers can use to build the right skills, hire the right people, and find the right clients to remain relevant as the practice of law becomes more technologically driven and, in some cases, commoditized. The transformation is underway already, use this session to learn how to ride the wave instead of being washed away!

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Innovating Attorneys Lightning Round, with Robert Ambrogi

In this session, led by industry veteran Bob Ambrogi, we bring together a select group of practicing attorneys who embody the change that is driving the legal industry forward. Through the use of disruptive technologies, savvy business practices and thinking “outside the box,” these spotlight stories will inspire you to embrace opportunities for change in your own firm.

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20 in 20 and Closing

In our 6th year now, this is the Lawyernomics Conference traditional closing session – a must-see showcase of 20 new and exciting technologies for lawyers, presented in 20 minutes!